In addition to learning about new technologies and platforms, we believe blockchain & crypto technology has the potential to revolutionise the way wider education is delivered to young adults aspiring to better themselves. It cannot be right that, in today’s structure, the majority of students moving in to higher & further education have to take out loans or rely on family to pay for their education. This results in young people graduating and starting their careers in a position of often significant debt. Using innovative practices around staking and rewards, we have the opportunity to provide a return for students whilst they are on their learning journey, enabling them to begin building towards their future from the outset. Therefore, UFORIKA has the ambition to partner with a broad range of education and learning content providers, delivering curriculum opportunities that extend far beyond the world of blockchain & crypto. We aspire to leverage technical innovation to provide educational opportunities for everyone - learning is a privilege and we believe it should be accessible to all! Within the Education district of BIZEDA city, users will find the UFORIKA University. This is an educational institution that educates users on a broad range of subjects including the basics of crypto and blockchain technology. Once users have enrolled, they will be able to choose a series of curriculums based on the concepts they would like to learn about. Crypto and blockchain curriculum options include: • Crypto Basics • Demystifying DeFi • History of Cryptography & Crypto • The purpose of Blockchain • Blockchain Gaming • The World of NFTs & Digital Ownership Rights • The Open Metaverse • Master Classes conducted by industry experts & specialists Users will also have access to gamification exercises that link to the knowledge they have gained which are an opportunity to be rewarded for learning and progress. A UFORIKA University mobile app will also be available for users to download so they can continue their learning remotely.