Utility: The native token of UFORIKA is $FORA and acts as the planet’s currency. The token population holders are known as Fortians Purpose: $FORA is used by Fortians as the trading & rewards mechanism within UFORIKA Utility: UFORIKA PLOTS, Office Plots & E-Tail Plots will be sold during the IDO period across HOMA, BIZEDA, SHOPA & ENTA cities - NFT enabling titles of ownership Purpose: Fortians can design, build, customise, rent & sell their Plots via transactions using $FORA Utility: Engage and earn program Purpose: Users & Players will be rewarded with $FORA for various levels of ecosystem engagement Utility: Sponsorship & Advertising Purpose: UFORIKA redefines reality and will attract users & players from all communities, crypto & non-crypto who are entering in to their crypto & blockchain journey for the first time. Business types will want to engage with this audience Utility: UFORIKA Marketplace Purpose: Use $FORA to purchase marketplace items such as Hoverboards, PLOTS, Avatar fashion and much more Utility: Staking Purpose: $FORA can be staked to earn additional rewards Utility: Governance Purpose: Utilising PLOT NFT & the UFORIKA Alliance DAO