On entering UFORIKA, users find themselves at the HOVA-PORT - this is the main hub of transportation on UFORIKA. All Fortians will be given a HV1 board free of charge and can either purchase upgraded HOVA-boards via the NFT mechanism from the marketplace, each with its own unique design, or Fortians can purchase a fleet of boards which can be rented out to other Fortians / visiting tourists. There are 7 levels of power across boards ranging from HV1 - HV7. HV7 is the most powerful board and therefore the fastest and most expensive with HV1 being the entry level board. There are 7 departure gates at the HOVA-PORT each corresponding to the 7 cities of UFORIKA. Going through a gate will take users onto the flyway that leads to the destination city. From there, users can then travel around the city on their boards or journey to other cities as they wish using the flyways that connect each city, taking in the sights of UFORIKA. Users can also choose to explore UFORIKA on foot and can choose to move across the planet using teleportation. There is a Teleport hub within the HOVA-PORT and users can also teleport at any time via their Spirit Guide to other teleport hubs across the planet. The HOVA-PORT itself is the primary location for all users entering UFORIKA and, as such, will see the highest level of footfall for advertising purposes. Each HOVA-board can also act as a mobile advertising board and owners will be able to offer out their board as Ad Station space for potential advertisers.