The most important aspect to UFORIKA is that users must have fun. The game/environment must be engaging and entertaining, providing an immersive experience to retain the user base and prove the value of the ecosystem. Above all, it must be aspirational and inclusive in order to encourage mass adoption. With that in mind, the world of UFORIKA must also be as accessible as possible and accessibility will be an integral part of the design and development process, embracing inclusive design from the early stages of development. On entering UFORIKA, users will be invited to create a personalised avatar from a range of combinations. Each user will then be assigned a spirit guide; your spirit guide will be your companion in UFORIKA, helping to navigate you through the world. Avatars and spirit guides can be further customised/personalised whilst in UFORIKA by purchasing items from the marketplace, delivering enhanced uniqueness. Once a user has established their avatar & spirit guide, they can begin their adventure into the metaverse. IKAs are the mythical creatures that inhabit UFORIKA - the result of a forgotten galactic superpower, IKA creatures contain a combination of animal characteristics mixed with biochemical supernatural powers that give them enhanced battling capabilities. There are 6 types of IKA rarity; common, rare, epic, legendary, uforik & super uforik.