UFORIKA is a newly discovered planet, paving the way for a brighter future where users from all generations can build new communities to create new dreams, aspirations & opportunities whilst actively engaging with and learning about blockchain technology.
The native token of Uforika is $FORA and inhabitants will be known as Fortians.
The Uforika metaverse is made up of virtual planet plots that can be purchased and governed by FORA token holders. Using an NFT mechanism, Uforika’s significant user base will allow monetisation opportunities via advertising and sponsorship offering revenue sharing incentives for Fortians. UFORIKA is made up of 7 cities located across the planet, each with a different function:
• HOMA - this is the residential city where Fortians can buy, sell & rent virtual residential real estate. Fortians can build, customise & furnish their properties as they wish using the Uforika SDK (software development kit) or purchase content from the Uforika marketplace • ARENA - Arise & earn your honor on the sacred battlefields of Uforika in ARENA; the destination for IKA combat and evolution • FITNA - The city of health & wellbeing. FITNA embraces & provides a variety of collaborative physical & mental health pathways as we seek to evolve care for the physical through the digital
• ENTA - Buy your NFT tickets with $FORA and immerse yourself in the future of entertainment experiences in ENTA. Virtual concerts - Virtual cinema - Virtual events: they all await you in the entertainment city • BIZEDA - Bizeda is the city of business & education. Network & collaborate with peers and partners in a B2B environment in one part of the city, whilst expanding your mind at Uforika University on the other. BIZEDA is a city where engagement and achievement is rewarded in a secure, protected environment for learning & industry • PLAYA - the hub of playtime - Fortians come here to access the best of the best from across the blockchain gaming network. Engage & have fun in an immersive environment - the choice is yours. Playa is also the location for HOVA-Board racing events and race circuits can be accessed here. • SHOPA - Shopa is the city of retail & e-commerce. A thriving hub of opportunity for independent and major brands alike. Retail therapy reimagined for the metaverse
Across the metaverse, Fortians will be able to truly immerse themselves in a virtual ecosystem offering social & financial opportunity for all.