'When all seems dark, a light will be reborn From the depths of despair, hope will rise and what was once parted shall be reunited once more The light shall be forever binding, blinding all those that wish it harm and it shall have a new power that the possessor knows not Choices will be made Sacrifices will be given A new dawn awaits...'
Welcome to UFORIKA - a decentralised celebration of the metaverse! Born out of a creative and culturally inspired vision that aspires for true digital asset ownership rights, UFORIKA passionately advocates for the concept of the open metaverse and collaboration across platforms whilst delivering its own unique native narrative and user experiences in a 3D/VR based MMO environment.
UFORIKA is a place where users can immerse themselves in the engaging, free to play experiences across each city. Whether you are a gamer, an educator, a builder or creator, have a passion for retail, a professional or fitness enthusiast, UFORIKA has something for you. Utilising blockchain technology and tokenised economics, users, brands and organisations are invited to reimagine play to earn and enter a world where engagement and evolution are rewarded as we present a new mechanic: Engage and Earn!
At its core, UFORIKA is a world for users to have fun, to grow and to evolve - whether that be racing through the flyways on customisable and collectible HOVA-boards, engaging & evolving in battle with your hatched IKA creatures or immersing yourself in the collaborative experiences across cities, every aspect of UFORIKA is being designed with accessibility and inclusion in mind from the earliest stages of development. This drives our utility and our purpose to deliver a truly inclusive environment as we seek to engage consumers and evolve them into creators and contributors to our platform. A new dawn awaits…
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