Built from the fundamental philosophy that games should only use what they need with no redundant code creating overheads. Nfusion™ engine is a modular, pluggable engine architected to efficiently use system CPUs, GPUs, Memory and File System resources. Nfusion™ node-based design is data-driven and behaviour centric. This allows users to have complete control over the engine with a collaborative, intuitive and stable editing environment. Created for fast iteration and streaming content (local or online). Supporting massive world size with unit-testing built ‘in-engine’ for stability and reliability. Complemented with supporting tools, build system, telemetry tools and automation. Nfusion™ engine is an Advanced Forward+ rendering architecture with customisable render graphs. High-level features include: • Physically Based Rendering. • Reflections, refractions, customisable material graphs. • Hybrid CPU and GPU compute and ray-tracing capability. • Colour grading, tonal mapping, and colour space conversions for art direction. • Advanced Particle Engine: Merlin. • Ambient Occlusion, Parallax mapping, HDR. • Scripting Engine (Lua). Technical Overview: CROSS-PLATFORM: Accommodates PC and Home Consoles FEATURES: Efficient iteration, compile and build times, multi-threaded engine core. DESIGN ASPECTS: Scripting, World Building, Level Design. VISUAL EFFECTS: Screen, Lighting, Atmosphere, Particle, custom shaders, compute, Forward+ rendering techniques to fully support transparency and translucent fx. DATA-DRIVEN: Creativity in the hands of Creatives. TRUSTED TECH: Reliable, efficient, flexible, and competitive. REC. MIN. SPEC: 4 core 8GB Ram Dx12 1GB GPU memory.