Across all cities in UFORIKA, community Ad Stations are strategically positioned. In addition to this, Ad Stations can also be found lining the flyways that connect the cities where HOVA boards fly. The exception to this is in the UFORIKA garden which is found in FITNA city - this is designed to be a place of mindfulness and so no advertising stations will be found here. The HOVA-PORT will also contain Ad Stations as this will be the primary entry point into UFORIKA for both Fortians and visiting tourists. UFORIKA will have a user base unlike any other platform; users will not only stay for long periods but they will also actively engage with the content on offer which is an exciting opportunity for any advertiser. There are 7 large community Ad Stations located in the HOVAPORT corresponding to the 7 departure gates. In addition to this, each city contains 7 community Ad Stations and 7 Ad Stations are lining each flyway of which there are 7 in total. Therefore there are a total of 105 community Ad Stations positioned throughout UFORIKA. Utilising fractionalisation of NFTs, 70% of this Ad space will be available to the community to purchase & 70% of all revenue generated through community Ad Stations will be distributed to the NFT holders. Community Ad Stations are purchased using $FORA tokens with the highest cost incurred for all Community Ad Stations that receive the largest footfall which will certainly be the HOVA PORT but we anticipate all cities will attract significant footfall and so the cost will be variable in these locations along with the flyways.